Dentist in Ferndale Shares Dental Care Tips for Your Kids This Summer

Summer is coming and everyone is excited. The hard part of dealing with summer is keeping your kids eating healthy and taking care of themselves. With all the extra activity happening, there could even be a dental emergency down the road. Here are some tips to help you through this season.
Maintain Good Oral Hygiene
We all know how it important it is to brush twice a day and floss at least once, but during the summer it can be hard to do. Remind kids to keep up with their care. You might also want to purchase a new toothbrush for them to get excited about. 
Have a Checkup
Many parents schedule the checkups in August for a cleaning before school starts, but you might do better to get one now. Your dentist in Ferndale can look for any issues before they turn into a dental emergency during your summer vacation.
Eat Healthy Foods
Invest your money in healthy snacks so your kids maintain healthy teeth. This is especially important if they are home all day. Buy locally grown vegetables and fruits for them to snack on and stock up on other healthy options. Make sure you also replace those sugary soft drinks and sports drinks with water.
Avoid Dental Emergencies
Summer means lots of swimming, visits to the playground and bike riding. All of this is fun but can lead to a dental injury. Follow these tips to avoid dental emergencies:
Follow all the pool rules including no running on slippery surfaces.
Brush up on your dental emergency steps in case something happens.
Carry an emergency dental kit wherever you go, especially on vacation. Inside the bag, you should carry a small container with a lid, a handkerchief, gauze, your dentist’s information and some ibuprofen. It helps to also have a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss on hand.
If your child is playing any sports, be sure they wear an athletic mouthguard.
Summer can be the best part of the year if you keep your child’s teeth safe from injury. Following these tips ensures you can enjoy these few months off. Then, they’ll be able to go back to school with a healthy, happy smile.
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