What is a Mandible Fracture?

Accidents occur every day. A sudden fall on a wet sidewalk or a collision on the busy highway; these things happen every day. Sometimes, these accidents involve facial trauma. The jawbone is the only movable bone in the head and it’s possible to fracture it. Thankfully, it’s treatable.
Diagnosing a Mandibular Fracture
Mandible fractures are just like any other bone fracture in the body. When the bone becomes stressed or overworked, it breaks. Diagnosing the fracture starts with a dental x-ray. This shows the severity and presence of a crack, break or split.
Symptoms of Mandibular Fractures
Mandibular fractures often come with some signs, including:
• Pain
• Redness
• Swelling
• Increased heat
• Loss of function
• Difficulty speaking
• Trouble breathing
• Difficulty chewing
• Numbness
• Bruising
Treatment of Mandibular Fractures
A dental specialist, like your Ferndale cosmetic dentist, treats mandibular fractures. This treatment may involve surgery depending upon the severity. Your jaw might also need to be wired shut for a short time while the jaw joints heal. This might take four to six weeks before the wires are removed. Once that occurs, physical therapy is ordered to rebuild strength in the jaw joints and muscles.
During treatment, anti-inflammatory medications are used to decrease pain or discomfort. You might also need to take antibiotics to prevent any bone infection. Liquid-only diets are required because you won’t be able to chew with wires in place.
The most important thing is that proper oral hygiene is maintained during this time. With the wires, it’s hard to open the mouth for brushing. Most professionals recommend swishing with mouthwash to kill the bacteria and germs.
The best way to protect your mouth is to seek immediate treatment for any injury to the mouth. Having a mandibular fracture requires prompt attention for the best outcome. Call our cosmetic Dentist in Ferndale if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms.
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