Why Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Royal Oak, MI?  


When you’re looking for a new dentist in your area, make sure to find one that offers emergency services. You can never predict when an emergency will happen. When it does, if you know the right dentist to go to, you can get the treatment you need faster. 


Read on to learn why an emergency dentist in Royal Oak, MI is important for your oral health!  


Save Teeth 


Hospitals often don’t have the technology or knowledge capable of saving a tooth once it’s knocked out. For this job, you’ll need the help of an emergency dentist in Royal Oak, MI.  


Make sure to rinse the tooth, then place it back in its empty socket and bite on a cloth to keep it in place. If this isn’t possible, you can keep the tooth in the side of your mouth or in a cup of milk to keep it moist. 


You then have a chance of saving the natural teeth if you head to your emergency dentist as soon as possible.  


Mitigate Severe Toothaches 


Minor toothaches can be a sign that there’s food stuck between your teeth. However, more severe ones can impair the quality of your life and indicate something more serious is wrong, such as a cracked tooth.  


By seeing a dentist as soon as possible, they can help diagnose the issue and treat it before it gets worse. Your toothache may be a sign of cavities, a loose crown, an impacted tooth, and more.  


A root canal may be necessary, which will eliminate the pain and save your natural tooth from extraction.


Handle Gum Abscesses 


Gum abscesses are infected areas of tissue in the gums. They’re caused by a buildup of bad bacteria that gets into an open sore. Over time that bacteria multiply.  


As your body tries to fight the infection, the area begins to swell, creating a painful, pus-filled area in your mouth.  


It’s important to keep in mind that these gum abscesses won’t go away on their own. It’s also not recommended to drain them on your own. Instead, go to an emergency dentist as soon as possible so that they can take care of it in a safe manner.  


Afterward, your dentist may recommend other treatments in order to make sure that there’s not a buildup of plaque and bacteria in your mouth that could cause another abscess in the future.  


Discover an Emergency Dentist in Royal Oak, MI Today 


There are several other services and procedures emergency dentists can provide. Even if you don’t experience an emergency, the peace of mind it will give you and your family is important.  


You won’t have to worry about what to do if you experience a knocked-out tooth, severe toothache, and more. You also don’t feel you’re forced to go to a dentist that you’re unfamiliar with because your regular one doesn’t offer emergency services.  


If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait. Call our office at 248-206-0217 in order to get the help you need as soon as possible!  


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